Transparent pricing

At BHLB, we believe that transparent pricing helps customers to shop in a responsible manner and understand where its money goes. This is why you will find a transparent pricing overview for each of our products.

We are a young company and we aim at improving constantly. Hence, in a desire to do better, we invite you to get in touch with us by sending an email to and to share your suggestions, your comments and your opinions on our transparent pricing. 

Below, find the legend of the icons located in the product's’ description.

Materials It is the cost of the materials that we use to make the accessories. It includes the main component, such as silk, leather, cotton, etc., and the less visible elements, such as the lining and the thread.
Hardware They are the small parts besides the fabric. These elements can be a zipper, a rivet, a belt buckle, etc.
Confection It is the time that workers dedicate to manufacture the accessories. It includes the steps such as cutting, sewing, and the alterations.
Duties To offer high-end products, we look for the best materials. Thus, we need to import certain elements generating customs charges.
Transport We aim at reducing at the most the transportation steps, but certain expenses are associated.
Packaging & Shipping We wish to minimize the packaging and to use materials that can be recycled. Knowing that we are an online shop, it is normal that we ship packages.