BHLB Manifesto

We believe in the power of AESTHETICS.
Aesthetics and good design can change the world. We have come to realize that fashion has the power to influence our environment as well as the way we act more than one might like to concede. Aesthetics aren’t superficial: they are inherently linked to a philosophical search of Beauty, both for the mind and the emotions. We believe that citizens who live in a beautiful environment will be more respectful of it, of themselves and consequently of their peers. We believe in the power of collectivity. This is why, throughout our collections, we will be inviting you to discover artists from around the globe and to dive into their universes. At BHLB, we constantly push ourselves to find creative solutions to this modern issue.

We believe in the power of RESPECT.
Of the environment - Fashion happens to be the second most polluting industry in the world. Yet fashion is also a statement of who we are, our style and our personality. BHLB believes that through new lenses we can help change the fashion world and make it more responsible. We  just can’t sit down and watch the situation escalade. This is shocking and a far bigger issue than we ought to realize. How can such beautiful products that make us feel good be so harmful at the same time? Alternatives are already available on the market: we have no excuse not to change our buying habits. Don’t you think it’s time to take our responsibilities and ensure that your purchases truly reflect your values? Truth to be: each time we buy an item, we vote, we send out a message to the world’s decision makers.

Of Humans - We value the work of artisans and want to ensure that the craftsmanship, know-how and traditions that shape communities around the globe making each part of our world unique is not killed by blank uniformity. We commit to paying our collaborators wages that reflect the true value of their work and that will allow them to live decently while perpetuating their local heritage. At BHLB, we believe in well-made products that can be passed down from generation to generation.

We believe in the power of TRANSPARENCY.
We are not perfect and this industry has a lot of hidden sides. We are young and ambitious. Yet, we are conscious we still have a lot to learn and that the road will be bumpy. This is why we make the commitment to do our very best and be transparent. We will ensure that what we produce is not only beautiful to the eye, made with the greatest respect of skillful artisans, but also the less harmful to the environment as possible. This is of utmost importance to BHLB.

We are taking one step at a time and will continue travel for as long as it takes to achieve our vision which is of making the fashion industry a responsible one.

We can’t pride ourselves of being sustainable, nor do we think this concept can be applied as it is currently. A truly sustainable company will be able to return 100% of what it took from Mother Earth back. Whom can really do this? This is why we say we are a responsible company. Oh! And by the way, we think that making a profit is OK - after all, this is how a business can pay its workers and invest in its community.

We are dedicated to make this happen. What are you waiting to join the BHLB movement?


Be a true gentlewoman; be a true gentleman
→ Wear the change you want to see in the world.

Yours truly, 
Lara & Olivier, co-founders of BHLB